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 We use Global Keratin, which contains Juvexin that restores the shine of your hair by conditioning and moisturising your hair shafts. 

Smooth & Strong


Is it a permanent treatment
No it’s a semi permanent treatment which will naturally fade out of your hair

What can I expect after the treatment 
Your hair will be smoother and straighter but with movement & body. It will be more manageable as it will reduce the drying time and you will have great conditioned hair with a fabulous shine.

Can this be applied on pre-treated/coloured hair 
Yes this treatment can treated blonde to dark hair or permed/relaxed. For more information ask your stylist

How long does the service take 
It can take between 1-3 hours depending on hair length and thickness. So it’s imperative to have a consultation prior to service. 

How long does it last 
This semi permanent treatment can last up to 4 months depending on your hair. Should you require another service can be done in 2 months. 
On chemical treated hair the results are more dramatic but on virgin hair the better and long-lasting results will be seen in after subsequent treatments. 

If I am pregnant or breast feeding can I safely have a treatment 
Yes this treatment is chemical free and is completely safe during your pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. 

What aftercare is recommended to ensure the best possible results are maintained
To maximise the results it is recommended to use GK shampoo and conditioners as they have Juvexin in which will give you long lasting results. It will help to boost hair's strength and manageability, while keeping hair looking beautiful. 
GK products are all SLS, SLES and Sodium Chloride FREE, (No chemicals)

Can I have a colour if I have a GK treatment 
You can only colour your hair 2 days after your treatment. Your hair may lift to a lighter shade depending on your hair colour

What is the cost for this treatment 
The cost is based on length of your hair and thickness.

Can the treatment be done on children 
Absolutely this treatment is chemical free and safe on everyone. Just think no more tears because it is takes less time to; Style, Dry and Put a comb through
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