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Henna brow tinting uses natural dye from the henna tree to provide staining to the skin under the brows for a full effect. It also coats the brow hairs with colour, rather than changing the natural colour from within. This gentle process makes henna brows well suited to sensitive skin, while the easy-to-control dye can match almost any skin tone and brow shape.

As the skin is stained as well as the hair, henna eyebrow tinting is also great for clients with sparse eyebrows.

Henna brows can last between 2 and 4 weeks, though this does depend on skin type and how well the aftercare process is followed. Brow shades can be personalised by mixing dyes together and adjusting how long the henna is left on the brows for.


Enhances your natural brow but want a more long-lasting solution to pencils and gels which you reapply daily.
 Eyebrow tinting is a great alternative to these products as it dyes and pigments your eyebrow hairs, creating the illusion of bushier brows, meaning you can have bold, defined, budge-proof eyebrows all the time.


Work your natural lashes get a semi-permanent lift and curl (just like they would with extensions!) without the damage sometimes caused by extensions.
With a Free Tint


Eyelash extensions are semipermanent lashes that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes. These are glued on individually, unlike strip lashes, they are personalised to you and actually look real.
If you actually take care of them eyelash extensions can last for six to eight weeks until they naturally fall out like your lashes usually do. Once they start falling out, though, you can go back and have your lash stylist fill in the missing pieces. So, technically, you can make your extensions last indefinitely.

Eye Brow Tint & Shape 


5 Treatments with 1 FREE 
valid for 7 months

 Lash Lift with Tint 


Lasts 6-8 weeks 


 Starting from £15

Natural cluster, individuals or full wow factor 
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